3D Videos Top 5 Benefits

Technology and science are continually progress and change our everyday life. We live in a highly digitalized age and as such, are gripped by technology because of the multi functionality and superior advantages it offers for even for the simplest of tasks. Bottega Creative Ltd is an established video studio with a team of professionals and experts who are continuously looking for better and bigger ways to enhance the video experience. We at Bottega believe that when it comes to corporate videos, there are few mediums more powerful and impactful than a 3D video. Whether it’s a product video, commercial, explainer or even B2B marketing, a 3D animation can launch you way ahead of the competition.

5 Benefits of a 3D product animation:


-        Complete Picture!

A 3D video is highly effective when you want to project the complete picture to your audience. When offering a product, a 3D video can effectively show it’s working and functionality. This tool is especially useful for conceptual products which may not yet exist. 


-        Exploder View

If you want to show all the components of the product you are offering, the exploder view in a 3D video is the most impactful way to do so. 3D models can easily be created from reference material and perfectly accurate.

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-        Professional

It is undeniable, 3D video has a very professional look and feel about it, influencing your audience to immediately take your video and product more seriously. Great for asserting a corporate image or even pitching a new idea!

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-        Multi Possibilities

With a 3D video, you can drop your product into any scene or environment, show off how a product works, or explain how a service works. 3D models can be animated in any way, realizing a product full potential.

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-        Big Savings!

Making a video costs money, at every level. With a 3D video you can save a lot of money on studio costs, actors and equipment. You don’t just save money but you also save on time. 

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-        Special Effects

With a 3D video you have the option to put special effects for a special work of creation. 

It’s a highly competitive market out there and being on the top requires to be well equipped, ahead of the competition and bringing in the best of resources. A 3D video is definitely more attractive and eye catching, but more than that, you can easily illustrate complex concepts to any audience. 3D product animation is a great way to show your product the way you desire it to be perceived, it can be incredibly impactful to your audience. Selling a product is more than just the right price and packaging, give it a 3D boost!