Tired of cleaning the bottom of your boat?

The MARELCO™ NOXX™ LFP system uses a low frequency pulse that creates the illusion of a predatory environment for Mussels, Barnacles and Pinworms etc., who then want to avoid your vessel completely. There is no negative environmental impact on marine life from the NOXX™ LFP system. 

The NOXX™ LFP system has been used in large commercial vessels for decades in both Fresh and Salt water applications. Historically, the system lasts 10+ years before having to refit - the best part is you do not have to be in drydock to replace your system.

The NOXX™ LFP is installed on the inboard side of your vessel and can protect your props, hull, stern, bow, rudders, shafts etc. And it works on any material, including wood! 

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